Retirement village resale market will cannibalise new pricing

LONDON:   The acceleration in the integrated retirement village unit build rate is based on the ageing baby boomer demographic. But the "small hut" approach will not be saleable to the demographic at which it is targeted. There will be a slowing in demand for "care compound" units. At that point the growing number of resales will start to blight new sales growth. New unit sale prices will be cannibalised by the depth of the resale sub-market. Register for London Seminar.  #639 / 18-07-14

NHS to convert to voucher system

LONDON:   Billions of pounds of health service and town hall budgets are to be given to the most vulnerable patients to purchase health and social care services in the community, under plans un-veiled by the NHS's new head. The elderly, disabled children and those with serious mental illness or learning disabilities will from next April be offered individual pots of money to spend as they wish on health and social care services... Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #638 / 18-07-14

Care UK boss to be replaced?

COLCHESTER:   There is growing disquiet about the leadership of Mike Parish at Care UK. The business model being pursued is increasingly out of sync with societal trends, the political climate, and the realities of the UK marketplace. The Parish business model
is to prey on the NHS/councils to secure service contracts by offering to undertake the same work at a lower price... Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #637 / 18-07-14

Cottage communities emerge in retirement compounds

LONDON:   A trend towards pocket-style community design within integrated retirement villages and Continuous Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) is now emerging. The "pocket design principles" will be the second of ten new trends canvassed at a seminar to be held in London on Tuesday 18th November 2014. The new design is changing the way residents interact with their neighbours at the pilot installation. Register for London Seminar.  #636 / 01-07-14

Affordable housing can be built in high value areas

LONDON:   A new seniors housing trust entity has proved that it is possible to build affordable housing for targeted groups in areas of high value. By creating a 'community land trust' over a large historic site (i.e. ex-school/hospital/public utility), land can be kept in perpetual community ownership. Houses can be sold or rented at a rate that can be linked permanently to local incomes or pension...Registrations Now Available for the London Seminar.  #635 / 01-07-14

PSPI fails to keep market informed

LONDON:   The listed Public Service Properties Investments Group (PSPI) has failed to keep the market informed of material changes to its fortunes. Since PSPI posted a notice on 17 April 2014 that the manager of its ten UK care home assets had gone into administration the previous day (16 April 2014), PSPI has been silent. PSPI has 'serious' links with European Care Group. PSPI is a minority... Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #634 / 17-06-14

Majority of UK housing reserach is misleading

LONDON:   The level of misinformation coursing about the UK business media, and masquerading as fact in various housing and investment reports is worrying. Some of it is wrong, much is eschewed, self-serving, mischievous and deceptive and most of it is thoroughly unreliable. The over 50s housing/care home/healthcare sectors are being overwhelmed by business trends reports, forecasts and analysis... Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #633 / 17-06-14

Bupa bond issue raises £350 million

LONDON:   Bupa Finance PLC completed its 350 million bond raising on Tuesday last week. The maturity date is 17 June 2021, and the bond is guaranteed by British United Provident Association Limited. The bond has a coupon rate of 3.375 pct. The lead managers were HS-BC, Royal Bank of Scotland and Santander GBM. Fitch Ratings has affirmed UK-based health insurance and health care company Bupa Finance PLC's... Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #632 / 17-06-14

Care home groups should be integrating GP surgeries

London:   "The large UK care home groups need to look at embracing medical specialisms, vertically integrating G.P. surgeries, and using the care home as a health and wellness hubs for the general community," said the Editor of the UK Over 50s Housing Weekly News, Mr Esmonde Crawley at a private healthcare investment forum held by three USA REITs in London last Friday. "The long term care home future will not be... Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #631 / 27-05-14

Labour puts minimum wage back on agenda

London:   Business leaders have urged Ed Miliband not to interfere in the system that sets wage rates for the lowest paid.
The Labour leader believes that the current minimum pay rate of £6.31 an hour for an adult is too low and he is proposing to overhaul the system under which rates are set by an independent Low Pay Commission. One suggestion is that the minimum rate could be set at... Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #630 / 27-05-14

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