Pressure: aged care group increases minimum wage

LONDON:   The moment most feared by Care UK and many in the retirement village and care home/home care sectors has arrived. One member has broken ranks and lifted its minimum wage to a new high in the industry. Abbeyfield Society has raised its London hourly rate to 8.80 and its non-London rate to 7.65 per hour. Abbeyfield Society manages 500 centrally controlled or affiliated homes in the UK...Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #622 / 11-04-14

Claimant in HC-One set to be snaffled in $34bn takeover

LOS ANGELES:   There is growing speculation that one of the co-claimants for the HC-One cluster of care homes, could itself be swallowed by a rival. HCP Inc. has seen its share price sink to its cheapest level since 2009. The stock slump amid a slowdown in deals and the firing of Chief Executive Officer James F. Flaherty could spur Ventas Inc. or Health Care REIT Inc., known as HCN, to weigh...Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #621 / 11-04-14

Ageing population puts NHS 'under great stress': burden

LONDON:   Saving the NHS from the burden of an ageing population and the rising cost of health care will require the "biggest effort" in the organisation's history, its new chief executive says. Simon Stevens warns that pressure on the health service is "intensifying." The way that care is delivered outside hospitals must be "radically" transformed to cope with the country's growing elderly population...Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #620 / 11-04-14

Lend Lease site to change view of UK over 50s housing

LONDON:   Lend Lease is in the process of delivering the best over 50s housing project anywhere in the UK. Its multi-generational regeneration of Elephant Park will change the way over 50s housing is viewed in Britain. "Its integration of all generations around a created green belt is the best understanding of how both veterans and baby boomers chose to live. It has abandoned transportation to purpose built enclaves...Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #619 / 11-04-14

Competition for management of care homes heats up

LONDON:   The management at over 1,000 care homes will change within the next 12 months. Two sources of supply are opening up opportunities for quality providers. A raft of distressed sales by investors (including HC-One and European Care Group) will induce management change, and a growing number of over 50s housing generalists are planning to shed the care component in their portfolios, and are...Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #618 / 11-04-14

Dementia factor to drive major change into workplaces

LONDON:   The dementia factor is going to drive significant change into the UK workplace. The emergence of the Voucher System (the granting of the full care costs directly to the recipient, who determines who is contracted to undertake the care), when combined with legislated changes to employment contracts, will create a permanent part-time workforce, working off-site, with all contact via computer...Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #617 / 11-04-14

Duty of candour: hospitals to own up to mistakes, errors

LONDON:   Every hospital in England will have a legal duty to own up to mistakes and medical errors that cause harm to patients under a new "duty of candour" introduced by the Government. Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, announced that in future all healthcare providers must notify patients about incidents where severe or moderate harm has occurred, and provide an apology. He will also lay out new plans...Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #616 / 11-04-14

Over 50s developers missing burgeoning loft market

LONDON:   Over 50s housing providers are missing from the list of loft developers pitching to the 60 plus demographic. Whilst McCarthy and Stone has moved into activities-oriented housing, no major player has developed a niche loft plan despite a history of strong take up rates in Manchester, and in Phoenix, Arizona. But loft products are now coursing onto the London market. Ashley Nicholson is conversting the former...Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #615 / 11-04-14

Seniors housing trends course launched for developers

LONDON:   The world's first over 50s housing degree course will be launched next month. The three year study includes trends in over 50s housing, social economic and political influences, management, investment returns, demand studies, consumer drivers, market segmentation, and an analysis of generational sub-sets. Ninety per cent of the course is conducted online, with face to face...Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #614 / 31-03-14

Care profession must lose women-only perception

LONDON:   The care profession must dramatically change the perception it is a female-only occupation, or risk a catastrophic "care time bomb," according to a new report. A joint study by care provider Anchor and the International Longevity Centre-UK has found that women currently comprise 82 per cent of the care workforce. But the report concluded that women workers...Full Story in UK Over 50s Housing Weekly  #613 / 31-03-14

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